How to arrange for our services

You have a choice of what aftercare your pet receives and where it is done. We do work with many veterinarians in the surrounding areas. Contact your vet and ask if they use Pine Rest services. If they do, you may make cremation and communal burial arrangements through them. 

Request us

If your veterinarian does not use our services for cremation and communal burial, you can still request our services. 

Contact us to make your arrangements. We offer pick up service from your home or vet’s office or you may wish to bring your pet to us personally.

Pine Rest is the only legal pet cemetery in the area which means all property used by Pine Rest for either private burial or communal burial is restricted for and dedicated for pet cemetery use and is recorded as such at the Erie County Clerk’s office.

Please note: Arrangements for private burial of your pet must be made directly through Pine Rest Pet Cemetery.